Call for Papers: Silence and Solitude in Poetry and the Arts


The Journal of Silence Studies in Education(JSSE) is pleased to announce a call for papers for a special issue dedicated to exploring the theme of Silence and Solitude in Poetry and the Arts (music, theatre, dance, painting, cinema and more). We invite scholars, educators, and artists to submit papers that examine the quiet spaces of art and literature and their educational implications.


Submissions may range up to 7000 words and should possess a robust research foundation, drawing from methodologies such as self-study, vignette study, autoethnography, phenomenology, experimental research, reflective teaching, empirical studies, conceptual analysis, or philosophical inquiry. Contributions should strive to connect theory with practice, offering insights that can inform and inspire educational settings.


Topics may include, but are not limited to:


●      The portrayal and use of silence, loneliness and solitude in poetry, visual arts, performing arts (dance, drama, cinema), music, and literary works (short stories, novels, memoirs, novel excerpts).

●      Pedagogical approaches within the arts that harness silence as a tool for learning, contemplation, and creative expression.

●      Integration of silence-based practices such as meditation, Buddhist techniques, and focused activities into the arts education curriculum.


We welcome papers that investigate the interplay between silence, solitude, and the creative process, as well as those that consider how these themes foster deep learning and personal growth.


Guest editorial team


Dr Edwin Creely


Dr Peter Waterhouse


Submission Details:


Submit an expression of interest with a 150 word abstract and title

Deadline for submission: April 30, 2024 to

Feedback given by May 15, 2014


Submission of full manuscript: July 30, 2024

Full manuscript submission guidelines:

Also mark the submission as for the special issue.

Each manuscript will then go through a regular peer-review process.


Word limit: Papers should be 5000-7000 words.


Please ensure that all submissions adhere to the formatting and style guidelines set by APA 7.


Reference List


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We look forward to your contributions and to advancing the dialogue around these profound aspects of human experience and learning.